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This set was designed for our fiery babes who love to be bold and make a statement.  This soft pink stiletto set is accompanied with a gold foil overlay... and if that isn't enough, we also added gold nail piercings for extra sass.

Pictured is Long Stiletto


About The Nail Plug LA luxury press-on nails:


• Thick and durable - No bending

• Made with high quality products for longer wear time

• Flexible at the base to ensure a comfortable fit

• Can be easily applied

• Reusable  

What's included:

• One full set - All sizes - 24 nails total (no sizing needed)

• Nail glue

• Adhesive tabs

• Nail filer

• Alcohol swab

• Cuticle pusher

• Application instructions


Press-ons can be worn up to two weeks with proper glue application.  Remove glue under nails using an e-filer and reapply if desired.

Press-ons can last up to three days at a time with adhesive tabs.  Remove tabs and reapply when ready to take them for another spin!


*Note: Patterns/designs may vary as everyone's nail sizes are different.  All sets are handmade, therefore no two sets are identical.

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